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Pump Management / Audits

Pump Management Contract: We can show immediate savings on previous years maintenance budget spend. We implement this saving by initially carrying out a complete site survey recording all units on site (or equipment included within the contract).

We can then by working with you plan all maintenance activities through the use of condition monitoring, this allows maintenance to be planned prior to a major unexpected failure so that minor repairs are the majority of work involved.

Through this you will find improvements in the capital MTBF of your equipment by specifically targeting problem pumps. By planning equipment removal prior to failure significant saving can be made along with improvements in production.

Site Audits

Our engineers would visit site and Audit the pump installation / operation / operator issues / performance and maintenance history. We would then review the initial selection criteria versus what is now the actual site conditions.

We would then outline a Road Map as to how we would implement corrective actions so that site would benefit from:

  • A sharp reduction in unplanned equipment failure and improvements in overall Mean Time Between Failure (MTBR).
  • Prioritisation of maintenance activities and reduction in component wear.
  • Reduction in Downtime, through inventory management - the right part at the right time.
  • A marked decrease in overall energy consumption.
  • Increase in production availability - top line improvements that can add greatly to the bottom line.