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Root Cause Analysis / Recommendations

Root Cause analysis: One of the most persistent drains upon your plant's resources can be a critical pump system that repeatedly fails, under performs or is simply inefficient. The associated maintenance costs, energy costs, downtime and even process inconsistency can be surprisingly expensive. Often these bad Actor systems were improperly designed at the onset. Others have been so modified over the years that their original design intention has been obscured or subverted, resulting in problems and unnecessary expense.

Antlia Services can assemble a team of engineers with the necessary Instrumentation and expertise to gather the data needed to analyse the root cause of the problem. State of the art equipment can monitor vibration , temperature, suction & discharge pressure, flow and other critical inputs to understand what is happening in the system.

Working with experts from our principles, we can address hydraulic, mechanical and material issues. Our Engineers can then engineer a cost effective solution to resolve the problem once and for all.

Example Root Cause Analysis Report