Our Services

Antlia Services ensure not only that we provide the best levels of customer service and support post sale, but also offer customers a premium service on other manufacturers equipment.

We specialise in all areas of process equipment service, supply and repair, covering all industry sectors. All services are carried out to the highest standard and ESI service provide a quick and efficient turnaround including picture image reporting.

Rotating Equipment Performance services.

As can be seen from the graph below the initial purchase price is only a fraction of the total cost of ownership, with maintenance, energy and downtime comprising over 60% of the plants real pump costs year after year.

Cost Of Ownership

These costs are recurring and fall mainly into two categories:

Energy Guzzlers

32% of the pump life cycle costs are energy related. If you consider that the majority of pumps on site are oversized due to conservative design calculations, from the piping engineer through the consultant engineer and the supplier. Also, most pumps are operating far from their best efficient point and hence absorbing excessive power. Now with centrifugal pumps, as you reduce the pump speed you reduce its energy absorbed. Take for example for a 20% reduction in speed the pump energy consumption is reduced by 50%. That translates into potential savings of 8,736 Euros or Pounds per kW per year on a pump running 24/7 at a rate of 0.10 per kWh. With PumpSmart Technology, Antlia Services can actively assist a site to reduce its energy bill.

Bad Actors

20% of the pump life-cycle costs are associated with maintenance, with a further 9% (industry dependant) associated with downtime. The majority of failures are due to incorrect pump sizing / operator abuse / inadequate maintenance / lack of monitoring. Through plant performance services Antlia Services can work with sites to eliminate bad actors and their impact on the site maintenance budgets and production downtime.

Control Valves - Flow Scanning

Control valves are critical on modern plants to ensure various parameters from safety to quality of final product. With critical equipment comes responsibility to ensure the valves are operating within the specified parameters. However during scheduled plant shutdowns, time is of the essence and plant managers are under pressure to minimise the amount of equipment taken out of line.

Using the most modern FlowScanning technology from Emerson, Antlia's team of engineers can run diagnostics on your control valves in line in advance of any shutdown and report on those valves needing further attention. A report will be issued for each valve diagnosed. This can save valuable time and resources during shutdowns.